Introducing Café Church

Second Sunday of Every Month
Open from 6:30pm, Speaker from 7:15pm

Café Church is open on the second Sunday of each month.

I think we sometimes forget how far away many people are from ever coming to church. Café Church is all about creating a context for people who do not go to ‘church’, but are interested in God. It is about providing a comfortable setting for people to consider everyday issues from a faith perspective. It is also a way to develop a community that people are happy to be a part of. It’s church, but not as you know it.

At Café Church you’ll tackle issues such as fair trade, the environment, stress, adoption, parenting, debt and divorce, together with interviews and round table discussions. And to top it all off there will be live music, great coffee and great chat!

Café Church is coffee with a conscience. It’s a fresh expression of community, dealing with everyday issues, from a faith perspective.

Everyone is welcome – whether a church-goer or not!