At Cooke we’re always looking for innovative ways to fundraise and we think we’ve found the laziest way yet! is an excellent way to raise money for Cooke from the comfort of your own sofa. If you frequently buy goods or services online (through websites such as eBay, Amazon etc) then EasyFundraising is perfect for you!

For every purchase that you make through its affiliated websites Cooke will receive a percentage of the total of your purchase (ranging from 0.5% to 15%).

How to sign up

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Support Us Now”.
  3. Fill in the form to sign up to EasyFundraising.
  4. Confirm your account via Email.
  5. Install the Toolbar (Find Out How).
  6. You’re done!
  7. Shop online using EasyFundraising and earn donations for Cooke!

Top Tip!

Install the EasyFundraising Toolbar to remind you when donations are available on a product you’re thinking of buying.

For more information download the Installation Guide.

Download the Poster!

If you’d like to display our poster anywhere where you think it may be useful you can download it here.