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FoodStore is a developing ministry providing emergency food parcels to those in need in our community.

Each hamper provides everything that the family or individual will need for 3 days.

To date we have distributed nearly 100 boxes, many of which have been in partnership with the Greater Belfast Gateway Team.

If you would like to contribute food stuffs at any time, these can be placed in the big blue bin in the Reception area. However when there is a need to replenish the boxes, lists of specific items will be on the Foodstore Noticeboard in the Reception area.

Items currently required

  • Box of Cereal

  • Bag of Sugar

  • Tins of Soup

  • Tins of tuna

  • Tin of ham

  • Tin of corned beef

  • Large family pack of biscuits

  • Bag of pasta

  • Packet of spaghetti

  • Meat pie (tinned)

  • Tins of chopped tomatoes

  • Jar of coffee

  • Packet of tea bags

  • Jars of pasta sauce

  • Bottle of squash

  • Jar of jam / mar,alade

  • Tins of baked beans

  • Litre long life fruit juice

  • Tins of vegetables

  • Packet of rice

Contact Foodstore

Carol Reynolds

FoodStore Coordinator

07881 923737

Debbie Herd

FoodStore Point of Contact

07597 828679

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